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We believe that inherent in every child is potential. Their stories may be different, their situations vary, but with the right person standing in their corner, they can reach their full potential. That's why our Bigs are "Defenders of Potential". Our Bigs don't sit on the sidelines because each individual can make a difference today.

Your contribution to our agency:

  • Empowers potential by helping us recruit powerful and committed Bigs that are dedicated to defending potential.
  • Creates those sparks that bring a Big and a Little together for their first match meeting.
  • Provides meaningful and specific support so that each individual match has all the resources and guidance it needs to flourish.
  • Opens up opportunities for Littles to grow, explore new interests and challenge themselves as their potential is developed.

Thank you for standing with us and empowering potential in Tuscarawas and Carroll counties.

Checks can be made out to BBBSECO and mailed to :

Big Brothers Big Sisters
PO Box 6099
New Philadelphia, OH 44663